Sunday, November 05, 2006

Events at the Albany Public Library: November 6-12

Monday, November 6
Bookmobile - Westview Senior Center (Bookmobile)
Facilities Planning Committee (Main Library)
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Bookmobile - Daughters of Sarah (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - Arbor Hill Elementary Community School (Bookmobile)
Tutoring (Main Library)
Film: Religious Freedom (Main Library)
Tuesday, November 7
Film: From Albany to Saigon (Main Library)
Bookmobile - Arbor Hill Community Center, Inc. (Bookmobile)
Drum Talk (Main Library)
Tutoring (Main Library)
Delaware Dogs Program (Delaware Branch)
Wednesday, November 8
Medicare Information (Main Library)
Toddler Storytime (New Scotland Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (North Albany Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (Delaware Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (Main Library)
Intro. to Computers (North Albany Branch)
Medicare Counseling (Main Library)
Intro. to Online Research & Databases (Main Library)
Tutoring (Main Library)
Called Library Board Meeting (Main Library)
Thursday, November 9
Lapsit Storytime (Main Library)
Kids "Cook Off" (Main Library)
Tutoring (Main Library)
Intro. to Internet (Main Library)
Friday, November 10
Dance Dance Revolution! (New Scotland Branch)
Bookmobile - Swinburne Park Neighborhood (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - South Mall Towers (Bookmobile)
Read to Tess the Dog (Main Library)
After School Craft (New Scotland Branch)
Connecting with America (Pine Hills Branch)
Saturday, November 11
Albany Tennis Club (Pine Hills Branch)
007 Film Festival (Main Library)
Skateboarding Video Discussion Group (New Scotland Branch)
Saturday Afternoon Cartoons (Main Library)
007 Film Festival (Main Library)
Sunday, November 12
007 Film Festival (Main Library)

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