Sunday, December 16, 2007

New York’s 2007 Statewide Summer Reading Program Reaches 1.35 Million Children & Teens

State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries Janet M. Welch announced last week that over 1.35 million children and teens throughout New York State participated in the 2007 New York State Summer Reading Program at their local libraries. This represents a statewide increase of 10% over 2006 and is on target for the participation goal of 1.5 million by 2010. Kids are reading for fun during the summer months and that summer reading is associated with academic success.

Studies have shown that children who read during their summer vacation perform better in the fall when school resumes. The New York Statewide Summer Reading Program website links to studies that support the value of summer reading.

"When children read what they enjoy, they learn to love reading and become better readers," said Janet M. Welch. "The summer reading program is particularly important to children in less economically advantaged families where books might not be readily available. This program can be an effective tool in helping to close the achievement gap between rich and poor."

Thanks go out to all the public library systems and the public libraries that made the Statewide Summer Reading Program such a success in 2007. New York's public library system youth and teen services consultants offered training and technical support, and library staff and volunteers in New York's public and association libraries provided the programming and resources that made kids want to join the fun.

This year five public library systems reported 15% or higher increases in participation levels over 2006. Congratulations to these *Stars* and to all the systems for a wonderful 2007 Summer Reading Program.


* Chautauqua Cattaraugus Library System *
* Four County Library System *
* Queens Library *
* Southern Tier Library System *
* Suffolk Cooperative Library System *


The Board of Regents 2008 - 2009 budget and legislative initiatives for libraries includes a request for $1 million to support the growing New York State Summer Reading Program and its contributions towards academic success and increased literacy among school age children throughout New York State.

For 2008, "Catch the Reading Bug" and "Metamorphosis @ Your Library" are the New York Statewide Summer Reading Program themes.
For information please see this
or contact Karen Balsen, Library Development Specialist and Coordinator of Statewide Summer Reading Program, New York State Library, or 518/486-2194.

For more information on Regents budget and legislative initiatives for
2008 - 2009, please see the “New York Library Initiative” Web Site:

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