Monday, March 03, 2008

NYLA's 2008 Talking Points

NYLA's 2008 Talking Points are now availabe on its website at under Headlines. These are helpful factoids that can assist you in your discussions with state legislators regarding 2008 Budget Priorities - 1) Restoring the $5 million cut in Library Aid, 2) Amending the Contracts for Excellence Initiative, 3) Funding Book Aid.
The Talking Points will also be part of packets handed out on Library Lobby Day.

If you have not already done so, please contact your state legislator in the upcoming days either via NYLA's Online Advocacy Center - go to the website and click on Contact Your Elected Officials - or mail in letter - sample available under Advocacy Tools also on the website.

Revenue projections were announced this week, with the Senate Majority estimating revenues will be $99 million higher than the Governor's projections and the Assembly Majority estimating that revenues will be $615 million lower than the Governor's projections. If they cannot reach an agreement by this Friday, the state Comptroller is authorized to establish revenue numbers (the amount of money the state has to spend in Fiscal Year 2008-09).

Also please make every effort to attend Library Lobby Day (Tuesday, March 11th) this year. A large turnout will be key to persuading state legisaltors and staff to restore the $5 million cut in Library Aid. Visit the Lobby Day page to find out more details and regional coordinators in your area for travel and meeting arrangements.

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