Monday, August 11, 2008

Canadian dollars per litre

On a website, I saw a reference to the price of gas as 1.279. Initially, I didn't get it. Then I realized I was on a Canadian website and it was a reference to Canadian dollars per liter. So what is that in US dollars per gallon? And how do I figure it out without having to do two calculations, one for liter to gallon and another for the currency.

Google, of course. To use my example, type: 1.279 CAD per litre in USD per gallon and click "Google Search". When I did it at noon on August 11, the result was "1.27900 (Canadian dollars per litre) = 4.58349234 U.S. dollars per US gallon". By the way, it doesn't matter if you spell it "litre" or "liter".

What you will need is the three-letter code for currency, which you can find several places, including here, one of the sites noted on this website.

More about Google's unit conversions g=here.

Tip of the cap to Arthur @ AmeriNZ, who mentioned this on his podcast.

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