Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Friend of APL Dennis Mosley Wins Prestigious NYLA Award!

Dennis Mosley, member of the board of the Friends of the Albany Public Library, has been selected to receive the prestigious Daniel W. Casey Award by the New York Library Association. He received this award, in the words of Karen Achilles Casey Award chair, “for his commitment and focus to bring the library to the community and vice versa.” She noted his involvement with the Book Cellar and the Albany Independent Film forum, among other accomplishments.

Dennis will receive the award on Friday, November 7th at the NYLA conference. He will receive a personal plaque and his name will be added to the Empire Friends Roundtable plaque which may be displayed at the library for a year.

Congratulations, Dennis!


Amy said...

Hi Dennis.
Congratulations on your award! It's nice to know that you're doing well. Thought you'd be in Albany. Looks like you're doing great things...

Amy said...

Hi Dennis. Congratulations on your wonderful award. It's nice to see that you're doing great things. Thought you'd be in Albany.
Amy Buchanan