Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School, library budget passed

From the Albany Times Union web page:

School budget: Approved, 2,580-1,464

Library budget: Approved, 2,514-1,478

Library trustees:(3) - votes not available, but winners are

Esther Patterson

Andrew Bechard

Holly McKenna


Roger Owen Green said...


Anonymous said...

Great! When will the Board vote totals be published?

Roger Owen Green said...

Holly McKenna of 31 Van Schoick Avenue to a five-year term -1607
Andrew Bechard of 27 Forest Avenue to a five-year term - 1569
Esther Patterson of 27 Grandview Terrace to a one-year term - 1063

Lois Parsons-1021
Kathleen Carrigan Chant-902
John Cirrin-848
Jose Lopez-723
Roberta Sims-693