Monday, June 15, 2009

Being a Librarian Takes More Than a Love of Books

Being a Librarian Takes More Than a Love of Books: Technology, Organizational Skills Are Key By Karen Maserjian Shan For the Poughkeepsie Journal, June 9, 2009

"It's really important to go out there and be in your community and active
in your life," Goverman said. "The library provides one more facet of having an active and full life."

"Because people have such easy access to good information from their homes
(computers), when they come into the library, a lot of times it's because
(they're in need) of an answer they couldn't find at home," Goverman said.

"There was the idea about 10 years ago that with the Internet and Google and Barnes & Noble, people would say: Why do we need libraries?" Cohen said. "But I think what we've seen is the opposite; that once you give people a taste (of) what information is out there, they say 'Well, I really need to find out more about this.' It's kind of led more people back to the libraries."

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