Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Sight! (or is that Site?)

(Swiped from APL's Stephanie Simon)

It's really amazing. So much progress has been made on our new Albany libraries -- two new constructions and three renovations -- recently. Crews have been chugging away building the libraries that will open to you and the rest of our community between Fall 2009 and Summer 2010. If you haven't seen these sites lately, these updates and photos will knock your socks off.

All you have to do is drive along New Scotland Avenue and Henry Johnson Boulevard to see how much the sites of the John J. Bach and Arbor Hill/West Hill branch libraries have changed since we broke ground on them just about two months ago. Workers from contractor Sano-Rubin have been busy as beavers at these two locations.

John J. Bach Branch Library
At Bach, the steel beams are up, the roof is going on, and you can see the shape of the building with a curved front wall and high ceilings.

Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch Library
At Arbor Hill/West Hill, the footings have been poured for the foundation walls, and bulldozers are busy moving dirt around in preparation for the foundation floor.

At the three renovation projects, it's the interior work that is most impressive. The crews from Bunkoff General Contractors have been doing an excellent job on these three projects.

Pine Hills Branch Library
At Pine Hills on Western Avenue, workers have cut holes in the first floor ceiling to open up the area and built a grand staircase in the center of the library. Cabinets, lighting, and bathrooms are done.

Delaware Branch Library
At Delaware on Delaware Avenue (of course), walls are up, meeting rooms are in, and loft-like ceilings are in place, as are new windows and skylights. The whole building has an open and airy feel.

John A. Howe Branch Library
At Howe on Schuyler and Broad streets, restoration work on the historic windows is complete, electrical work is underway, and wall framing is up. A new addition housing an elevator and bathrooms is being built at the back of the library.

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