Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Contact Your State Legislators to Reject Proposed Library Aid Cuts

From Michael J. Borges
Executive Director
New York Library Association

Dear Library Advocate, as you may know, the Governor has proposed mid-year budget cuts to close a $3 billion budget deficit. The proposal includes a 10% across the board cut to all state aid programs like Library Aid, which will result in a $3.3 million reduction in funding for library services. School Aid will be cut by 4.5%.

The proposed $3.3 million reduction in Library Aid is on top of the $8 million cut imposed back in April and the $3 million cut sustained last year. If the proposed cuts are approved, it will reduce Library Aid to $88 million or 1998 level of funding. With library usage continuing to increase and people of all ages depending on libraries to improve their literacy, computer and internet skills and the unemployed using libraries to search for new careers and employment, now is not the time for further cuts for library services.

I strongly urge you to contact your state legislators to ask them to reject the Governor’s proposed cuts. Libraries have already done their fair share towards reducing the state’s budget shortfalls, other alternatives need to be used before asking the library community to take further cuts. These proposed cuts impact all types of libraries and library systems, public, college, schools, etc.

Go to www.nyla.org and click on Library Advocate icon to send fax/email to your state legislators. Please pass this message on to other library advocates.

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