Monday, December 21, 2009

The Hollywood Librarian

Attention: All Librarians & Friends of Librarians

"The Hollywood Librarian" is now available on DVD! (In English with optional French and Spanish subtitles)

Order a copy here.

After showing The Hollywood Librarian, numerous audience members came up to me to ask how they could get their own copies to show at their libraries and library schools. The film struck such a chord with them that they strongly felt that it must be seen by others, not only by those in the field, but by lay people as well.
-Tracey Simon, Lynbrook (N.Y.) Public Library

This first full length documentary film to focus on the work and lives of librarians gathers hundreds of examples of librarians and libraries from Hollywood - from Sophie's Choice to the Desk Set and on to The Shawshank Redemption. As the website blurb says - "some [are] positive, some negative, some laughable and some dead wrong".
Interviews with dozens of real librarians are interwoven with these make-believe portrayals, opening up discussion on the things we, as a profession, care about - from the value of reading to intellectual freedom.

As the film unfolds, we will meet the dedicated children's librarian, the witty library director, the high-tech corporate librarian, the smart medical librarian, and the dedicated cataloger. We visit a prison literacy program, an elementary school library and a town faced with the most severe library crisis in decades. We will show the challenges created by shrinking financial support and increased
materials costs. We will encounter older librarians who have witnessed the explosion of technology and younger librarians, who were born into the information age. We will travel to large library systems with dozens of staff and visit small libraries with one librarian working alone.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Roger:

Many thanks for your blog post about my film, from the bottom of my heart.

I think you were given some slightly incorrect information. US
customers can order from the US distributor, the Media Education
Foundation in Massachusetts, so could you make one small amendment in
the order link? Should be this:

Our Australian customers are being directed to the DA Direct site, who
are the sub-distributors Down Under.

Again, blessings to you for your support. And glad tidings this season.