Saturday, August 28, 2010

ABAA Missing Books Blog

The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America has recently created a Security Blog that has been added to the ABAA homepage.

See the upper right corner tab for "Missing Books Blog" which directs you to the blog.

The organization in amn e-mail indicates its desirev to "make the blog available to posts from booksellers and others both within and outside the ABAA. These posts of missing materials -- books, manuscripts, ephemera -- will be vetted at ABAA headquarters for form and content before being posted to the blog."

In that vein, ABAA members from around the country are urged to "please contact their regional antiquarian bookseller organizations to inform them about our blog and the new service that it represents to booksellers, librarians, collectors, & others. The Security Committee invites all interested parties to make use of this service, both as posters and to keep current about stolen and missing materials that are reported to us from around the nation.

"I hope you'll help us pass this info along to other non-ABAA booksellers within your respective locales or regions, and/or to other non-ABAA regional organizations and interested parties."

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