Monday, September 20, 2010

Friends of Albany Public Library September meeting agenda

The Friends of Albany Public Library, Inc.

Agenda for 27 September 2010, 5 to 6 pm

Meeting on the second floor of the Albany Public Library—Main Branch

Meeting Room 1


President: Gene Damm (includes announcement of joint event with the Writers Institute)
Vice President: NA
Corresponding Secretary: Judi Baum
Recording Secretary: Jonathan Skinner
Treasurer: Nancy Dover (includes explanation of the paper trail for expenses & reminder of the Bylaw requirement for Board approval of expenses over $100.00)


Book Reviews: Len Tucker (November), Gene (October)
Fall Local Author Event: Joe Krausman
Communications from the Library

Old Business

Database quality.

New Business

1 Filling the vacant VP office (proposal to ask Gene to find a volunteer for this with subsequent ratification by the Board of Directors)
2 Tuesday book review issues:
a. No duplication of reviews: at most one review for a given book
b. Buy the books for the reviewer only after the book, reviewer, & date have been set.


Next Meeting Date: 25 October 2010, 5 to 6 pm

Next Meeting Location: Meeting Room 1, Albany Public Library—Main Branch (Second Floor)

Date of this document: 9 September 2010

Submitted by Jonathan Skinner, Recording Secretary

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