Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hen Amendment

Information a librarian has provided from the Albany Chicken Coalition to challenge the city ordinance on the ban of chickens within the city proper. The amendment proposes strict guidlines for the legal keeping of hens (not roosters) through a permit process requiring pen sanitation inspections, a fee, a limit of 5 birds per lot and alerting neighbors.

See the amendements HERE.

From the ACC:

The benefits of chickens:
Chickens are clean, quiet and adapt well to small spaces. They are easy and fun to care for. They eat food scraps, produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your garden, and give you delicious, healthy protein in the form of eggs. As anyone who has a garden knows, being a part of your food cycle is not only a deeply rewarding experience, it’s a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Urban agriculture contributes to food safety and food security as well as a vibrant community’s social life. It is detrimental to the health and vitalization of our cities to continue to believe in the misconception that cities should solely be consumers and not producers.

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