Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Library Budget Passes!

From the Times Union:

Fears of deep cuts to library services overcame taxpayer anger Tuesday as voters blessed the Albany Public Library's $8.8 million 2012 budget, two months after they sunk a previous plan amid outrage over a proposed 25 percent library tax increase.

As of late Tuesday, the unofficial tally had the budget passing by 337 votes -- 2,811 to 2,474.

While the turnout was smaller than the roughly 7,000 people who flooded the polls in May, when the first proposed budget failed by 139 votes, the 5,285 voters who hit the polls represented a remarkable number for a sweltering Tuesday in July when the library budget was the only item on the ballot.

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It is my understanding that the recently-enacted tax cap will apply to future library budgets, which mades passage of this budget so critical. If it had not passed, the current tax levy would have remained with future increase subject to the tax cap, unless 60% of voters vote to override to the tax cap.

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