Monday, August 01, 2011

Screwy Decimal

Cam,e across the Screwy Decimal blog.
A recent post: Goin' to the Ref Desk and We're Gonna Get Married

"It's my guess that every unmarried woman over a certain age gets asked one or two million times in her adult life why she hasn't yet found a nice guy and settled down already. The subtext of this question is, of course, "What the hell is WRONG with you?" I've talked in previous posts about patrons being overly and inappropriately concerned with my marital status. Because I am happy with my life as it is right now, it doesn't bother me much anymore when people grill me at the reference desk on this topic. I don't get defensive, but I also don't engage (no pun intended) with the patron either. I give a humorously evasive response - "I'm saving myself for Robert Downey Jr.!" - and then I change the subject.

This was written by Rita Meade, a librarian from Brooklyn.

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