Friday, February 10, 2012

Michael Borges leaving as NYLA Executive Director

Yesterday, NYLA Council accepted with regret, the resignation of Michael Borges, NYLA Executive Director for the past eight years. He will be moving on to become the Executive Director of the New York State Association of School Business Officials. His last day with NYLA is on March 9. The Council has appointed Jeremy Johannesen Interim Executive Director.

The Council wants to hear from the members about what it wants from its Executive Director, before, we begin to find a replacement. A current job description is included and we encourage all interested members to contact me or your Section leadership or Councilor at Large to express any opinions you may have about this important job. The Council and its Executive Committee will take it all into consideration as we plan to announce the search in April.

A list of the Council members and their contact information (section presidents, councilors at large and others) is available here.

I, along with the entire Council, thank Mike for his dedication to libraries in New York State and wish him well in his new endeavor.

Matt Bollerman, NYLA President, 2011-2012
The goal of the Executive Director is to implement programs and activities approved by the Association to ensure that the objectives of the Association are attained, plans fulfilled, and member needs met, by fulfilling duties in the following areas:
Role of Chief Executive Officer Supervision
• Plan, formulate, and recommend to the Executive Board basic policies and programs
which further the objectives of the Association, and participate in the formulation of new policies.
• Develop procedures to implement the general policies established by Council.
• Execute all decisions of Council as appropriate.
• Adeptly motivate and collaborate with the members to achieve economical and productive performance of the Association’s activities.
• Ensure that the Council, the Executive Board and officers are kept fully informed on the conditions and operations of the Association, and on all important factors influencing them.
• Execute contracts and commitments authorized by Council.
• Participate in the development and implementation of fund-raising activities.
• Attend all meetings of the Council and Executive Board, and the annual conference.
• Attend other meetings as deemed necessary in consultation with the officers of the
• Assist in the planning and execution of all communications to the general membership, including general mailings and newsletters.
• Answer or refer all correspondence.
• Arrange for all Executive Board, Council and Business meetings, notify members, and prepare the agenda in consultation with appropriate officer.
• Speak for the Association to the media.
• Serve as Executive editor of all Association publications.
• Oversee staff efforts at maintaining the content, structure, and look of the Association website.
• In tandem with the appropriate Association committees, plan and coordinate Association public relations programs.
Association Membership
• Promote interest and active participation in the Association’s activities.
• Help to plan and organize membership promotion and retention programs, evaluate results and recommend policies, procedures and action to achieve membership goals.
Annual Conference
• Oversee all annual conference activities.
• Oversee all contract negotiations.
• Under the direction of the NYLA President, identify and negotiate high-profile speakers.
• Investigate and view conference sites and make recommendations to Council.
• Oversee staff efforts involved with managing the conference budget on all arrangements in order to meet financial objectives.
• Plan the annual Membership Meeting at Conference.
Role of a Liaison
• Provide necessary liaison to sections, roundtables, and committees to enable them to perform their functions effectively.
• Maintain relationships with national and state library associations, consortia, systems, and other state and local agencies within the library community of New York state.
• Represent the Association and its legislative priorities to the Legislative and Executive branches of government.
• Define and implement a grassroots lobbying strategy.
• Monitor legislative and regulatory activities which relate to librarianship .
• Review bills in the Legislature and determine positions as appropriate.
• Work with the appropriate NYLA units to coordinate the Association’s response to
legislative issues.
• Serve as a resource to legislative members and staff on library issues.
• Monitor legislative hearings, write testimony, and present it when appropriate.
• Write legislative pieces for the Bulletin, Nyline, and the NYLA website.
• Maintain an awareness of federal issues that affect libraries and respond when necessary.
• Maintain the institutional memory of NYLA’s legislative history.
Management Responsibilities
• Personnel
• Recruit, hire, train, evaluate, and when necessary, terminate Association staff.
• Clearly define staff duties, establish performance standards and work schedules, conduct performance reviews and maintain competitive salary structure.
• Administer employee benefits programs.
• Develop and recommend an annual budget in conjunction with the Finance Committee.
• Operate the Association within the annual budget as approved by Council.
• Ensure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Association are
appropriately safeguarded and administered, and maintain Association financial records.
• Maintain official minutes of Council, Executive Board and other official meetings of the Association.
• Provide security for all files, legal documents, memberships and mailing lists.
• Maintain statistical membership records and produce timely reports.
• Oversee the preparation of manuals and reports as deemed important.
• Transfer historical documents to the State Library Archives when appropriate.
...Carry out other general responsibilities as may be delegated by Council.

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