Saturday, March 09, 2013

Madison Avenue Traffic Calming Report, Albany, NY: Feb 2013

The City of Albany commenced a study to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a “Road Diet”along Madison Avenue from Lark Street to South Allen Street and along Western Avenue from South Allen Street to Manning Boulevard. A “Road Diet” is when a road is reduced in the number of travel lanes and/or the effective width. The reallocation of space can result in improved safety for cyclists by providing dedicated space on the roadway; for pedestrians by reducing the potential vehicle conflicts; and for vehicles by providing clear delineation and fewer decision points. The goals of the study are to provide an assessment of the feasibility, benefits, and impacts of a road diet in the corridor by evaluating alternatives that consider bicycles, pedestrians, transit,parking, safety, and passenger vehicle operations. In addition, the alternatives should strive to maintain the existing curb lines, allow sufficient opportunities for turning vehicles, and maintain parking on both sides of Madison Avenue

The report.

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