Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Clarification of HBR Article Acces Policies in EBSCO

Annette Buckley, Research Librarian for Business at UC Irvine Libraries wrote on the BUSLIB listserv last week:

Over the past few weeks I conducted investigative work on the issues of both the 'popular 500' Harvard Business Review articles, plus general permalinking access to HBR content. How?

I tracked down live administrators at both the Harvard Publishing and EBSCO Motherships, and I just got the final words back from them today! They said some important things, so I wanted to tell you all ASAP (as evidenced by this Friday night email).

Because this required a lot of back-and-forth, I dolled up the communications up in a PDF file to make the process of reading-an-email-thread as painless as possible. I would just attach said file, but listserv don't always like that. Also, I'm shamelessly curious about quantifying the level of interest among my librarian brethren, so here's a url instead where you can download it. Feel free to distribute the url: http://libguides.lib.uci.edu/explain_hbr_ebsco_policies.

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