Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Info about the Exit 23 (Albany County, NY) Casino proposal and process

(Stolen from Albany Common Council member Leah Golby's e-mail):

Haven't heard that there's a casino proposal? Here's the All Over Albany report of the Common Council briefing held last month.

At the April 7 Common Council Meeting, some members of the public expressed concern about casinos in general, and a casino being sited in Albany specifically, while others expressed support for the proposed casino.

Here's the process in terms of Council consideration and information about public meetings:
•The developer must submit their application by June 30. Here is the RFA.
•One component of the casino application is support from the host community. A resolution was introduced April 7 so that the Council can begin consideration of support for the proposal. The Common Council constituted a "Committee of the Whole" (a committee on which every Council Member sits) so that the resolution would be sent to that committee for consideration.
•The Council has set a goal of May 5 for voting on the Resolution.
•At this point the following meetings are scheduled or under consideration:
1.April 16 - 6:30 p.m. public forum with the developer at Giffen Elementary School - 274 South Pearl Street
2.Monday April 21 - 7 p.m. - 2nd April Meeting of Albany Common Council -- opportunity to comment during public comment period as long as you are signed up to speak before the start of the meeting.
3.April 23, 5:30 p.m. - City Hall - Meeting of Council "Committee of the Whole" to begin deliberation of Resolution supporting casino. Will include public comment.
4.April 24 - 6:30 p.m. - First Ward Town Hall Meeting - with Mayor Sheehan and David Flaum, developer - Bishop Maginn High School - 99 Slingerland Street.
5.April 30 - 6 p.m. or immediately after Common Council caucus (if not this date, there will likely be another date during this week that the Common Council's Committee of the Whole meets) - City Hall-- possible meeting of Council "Committee of the Whole" to further discuss Resolution supporting casino.
6.May 5 -- 7 p.m. - 1st May meeting of Albany Common Council -- current target date for Council action on the casino proposal and opportunity to comment during public comment period as long as you are signed up to speak before the start of the meeting.

Here are some news reports about the April 7 Common Council meeting:
Times Union. (note: this article states that 2 Council Members voted against the introduction of the resolution -- that is technically not what happened. The Council Members voted against the creation of a "Committee of the Whole." This was the only vote that was taken last night that was related to the casino proposal so that the Resolution that was introduced could be sent to a committee for consideration. The council has discussed a goal of the committee of the whole taking action by May 5, but the creation of the "Committee of the Whole" does not require Council action by May 5.)
News Channel 13.
Time Warner Cable News.

Here are two pieces from the Times Union's Chris Churchill about the Casino:
No Joy in Bethlehem over Albany Casino Plan.
Doctor Only Sees Ill from Albany Casino.

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