Sunday, October 18, 2015

7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

When the zombie apocalypse rises from out of nowhere, as The Walking Dead has shown us it will, there will more than likely be wide-spread confusion as to where everyone should run to... I'll share with you the perfect hideout answer: Libraries. Yes, you heard that correctly. I'm not talking about your tiny home-town library or bookstores, but the giant academic libraries that are the heart of college campuses and cities.

Academic libraries are usually somewhat massive, which means they'll be able to hold a lot of people. The giant front doors are more than likely heavy and lock-down approved. Libraries are full of resources and entertainment, so really, what better place could you go to? If you still need further convincing, I've got a couple good reasons for you. Because this is important business, people.

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