Saturday, March 19, 2016

Daily Kos: The Koch brothers' vision for America includes destroying your public library

From Daily Kos:

The library [in Plainfield, Illinois], currently an anchor for downtown and is a much-loved and heavily used part of the community. They are asking for a 20-year bond and a small increase in property taxes. The end result will be a brand new library that is three times larger than the current library, still in downtown, and will feature new technology, public meeting spaces, classrooms, and more space for books DVDs and other materials for the community.

So of course the Kochs’ most invasive arm, Americans for Prosperity, had to step in, because FREEDOM!!! They never met a tax increase for the public good they didn't have to destroy, like the Columbus Zoo funding referendum a few years ago. They killed that—and they helped kill the Plainfield Library, too.

They ran anti-library robo calls (seriously, anti-library!) and they won. Not only will Plainfield not get the new library building, but "a 20 percent cut to services and programs will be needed to keep the existing building functional in the long term."

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