Thursday, February 01, 2007

Give students the best by supporting the library plan

First published in the Times Union: Thursday, February 1, 2007

As president of the Pine Hills Elementary PTA, I know that our school community is grateful to the voters and taxpayers of Albany for our beautiful new building.

Indeed, that was the theme of our grand opening on Thursday, Jan. 11. We also appreciate the hard work of all those involved in the creation of our building and those who helped to facilitate our moves "there and back again."

Coming so recently from the oldest building in the district (the former School 16) and swing space in the former Albany High School (and Phillip Schuyler Elementary School), we are in a unique position to understand just what a difference a well-designed building makes to our children and our school community.

Similarly, all of Albany's neighborhoods deserve and need good community libraries. Libraries help nurture learning and provide entry to the wider world of knowledge and information, especially in communities where the technology gap is widest. As a former bookstore manager and a librarian, I know that no bookstore can or would duplicate those services, even if one were located nearby.

We have an opportunity on Tuesday to support both our schools and our libraries, and to show all of Albany's children that we value their education and want to give them access to opportunities for a brighter future. Better yet, we can do this at very little additional cost to taxpayers -- none for the schools and a minimal amount for the libraries.

Thank you Albany for the new Pine Hills Elementary School building. Now let's give the children in Arbor Hill, the Lincoln Park area and the South End equally wonderful schools and libraries.



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