Sunday, February 18, 2007

Library vote reflects investment in future

First published in the Times union: Tuesday, February 13, 2007
On behalf of the entire staff and board of trustees of Albany Public Library, I want to thank the city's voters for overwhelmingly approving our branch improvement plan.

The 2-1 ratio of victory sends a strong message that the people of Albany value learning and the important role that libraries play in our quality of life.
Sincere thanks go to the many elected officials, neighborhood leaders and average citizens who provided valuable guidance and support for this initiative.
As we prepare final designs over the next year, we will be seeking input from the public on how to make these new facilities as welcoming and useful as possible. I invite everyone in the city to participate in helping us create an excellent library system that will be a source of pride for us all.
This is a historic turning point for Albany's libraries. I'm confident we will be able to look back on this decision as a wise investment that will improve the lives of Albany residents for generations to come.
Albany Public Library

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