Sunday, March 04, 2007

Events at the Albany Public Library: March 5-11, 2007

Monday, March 5
Bookmobile - Atria Shaker (Bookmobile)
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Bookmobile - Atria Crossgates (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - Harriman Campus (Bookmobile)
Dance Dance Revolution (Howe Branch)
Tuesday, March 6
Seniors Connect (Main Library)
Toddler Storytime (Pine Hills Branch)
Global Warming (Main Library)
Read to me Storytime (Pine Hills Branch)
Delaware Dogs Program (Delaware Branch)
Wednesday, March 7
Pre-School Storytime (North Albany Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Bookmobile - Crestwood Plaza (Bookmobile)
Pre-School Storytime (Main Library)
Pre-School Storytime (Delaware Branch)
Toddler Storytime (New Scotland Branch)
Thursday, March 8
Lapsit Storytime (Main Library)
Film: Life + Debt (Main Library)
Intro. to Computers - Part II (Main Library)
Friday, March 9
Bookmobile - Ida Yarborough (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - South Mall Towers (Bookmobile)
Read to Tess the Dog (Main Library)
After School Craft (New Scotland Branch)w

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