Sunday, March 11, 2007

Events at the Albany Public Library: March 12-18, 2007

Monday, March 12
Bookmobile - Westview Senior Center (Bookmobile)
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Bookmobile - Avila Retirement Community (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - Daughters of Sarah (Bookmobile)
Bookmobile - Arbor Hill Elementary Community School (Bookmobile)
Tuesday, March 13
Seniors Connect (Main Library)
Toddler Storytime (Pine Hills Branch)
Book Review: The Trial (Main Library)
Bookmobile - Arbor Hill Community Center, Inc. (Bookmobile)
Read to me Storytime (Pine Hills Branch)
Delaware Dogs Program (Delaware Branch)
Library Board of Trustees (Main Library)
Wednesday, March 14
Pre-School Storytime (Howe Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (North Albany Branch)
Pre-School Storytime (Main Library)
Pre-School Storytime (Delaware Branch)
Toddler Storytime (New Scotland Branch)
Long-Term Care Insurance (Main Library)
Bookmobile - Albany Community Charter School (Bookmobile)
Intro. to Word--Part 1 (Main Library)
Thursday, March 15
Bookmobile - The Starting Place (Bookmobile)
Writers Group (Main Library)
Lapsit Storytime (Main Library)
High Impact Gardening (Main Library)
Intro. to Internet (Main Library)
Friday, March 16
Bookmobile - The Starting Place (Bookmobile)
Read to Tess the Dog (Main Library)
After School Craft (New Scotland Branch)
Saturday, March 17
Bookmobile - Kipp Tech Valley Charter School (Bookmobile)

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