Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NYLA's 2008 Legislative Priorities

The New York Library Association urges you to contact your state legislators in support of its 2008 Legislative Priorities, which can be found at under Headlines. NYLA urges you to use the Online Advocacy Center (click on the Library Advocate button) to send a fax/email in support its top four priority bills which are:

Association Libraries Opt Into State Retirement (S.7507 Farley/A.10518 Paulin) The bill would allow association public libraries that meet certain criteria to join the NYS retirement system upon approval by their board of trustees.

Dormitory Authority Bonding (S.1684 Farley/A.6256 Eddington) Bill would allow NYLA to bundle small bonding projects together for submittal to Dormitory Authority to give libraries greater access to inexpensive financing and reduce their borrowing costs. Only projects below $5 million would qualify for this program. All other library projects would still need special legislation. Status: Passed Senate

BOCES-Libraries Internet Partnerships (S.2082 Larkin/ A.6592 Gunther) Authorizes Boards of Cooperative Educational Services to enter into contracts with public libraries or library systems to provide internet access and communication services. Status: Passed Senate 3/28

Sales Tax Exemptions for Book Fairs (S.1722A Lavalle/A.3463A Cahill) Bill would exempt book fairs held by school and library organizations (PTA’s/Friends Groups) from collecting sales tax.

You can only send one letter at a time, so if you want to send letter in support of more than one issue, you need to go back to the beginning of the process.

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