Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Budget passes; trustee vote in question

From the Times Union:

Albany Public Library:

Incorrectly programmed voting machines are prompting an investigation into the results of the election for a vacant seat on the Albany Public Library's board of trustees, Timothy Burke, acting director, said.

While voters should have picked one candidate for one seat, the instructions on voting machines said to choose two people for two seats. Burke said the results were tallied, and Lois Parsons -- who has occupied the seat since the death of John Bach -- was declared the winner.

"We're investigating that, and we expect to have more information about it soon," Burke said. He said he would work closely with officials from the school district during the investigation.

The other candidates are Jose Lopez and Charles Carr. Carr said he noticed the problem when he went to vote and notified Burke. He said he was frustrated by the mistake.

"Even though it's a small election, how could this mistake be made?" Carr said, saying he was "given the runaround" when he attempted to report the error. "Is it a fair election at this point?"

Burke did not offer a clear timetable when a determination might be made on the validity of the election.

Voters meanwhile approved the library's $6.7 million budget.
Thursday, May 22, 2008 Update: Library candidate to play appeal card; Second-place finisher (Charles Carr) wants state to review trustee ballot mix-up.

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