Saturday, November 29, 2008

NYLA budget update

The Legislative Special Session ended last week with no agreement between the Governor and the state Legislature on futher mid-year budget cuts. "NYLA's Library Rally at the Capitol, which brought 450 library advocates to Albany, showed state policymakers in a very visible, loud and forceful (but law-abiding) manner, that the library community would not stand for any further cuts in funding."

Coverage of the rally and other protests was quite extensive by television (see below) and pictures from the rally can be found on the website at

CBS6 Albany.

WHAM 13.

Capital News 9

"The Governor proposes to release his 2009-2010 Executive Budget on December 16th, which will undoubtedly call for additional cuts in Library Aid. It is also still unclear when the remaining $26 million in undistributed Library Aid from the 2008-09 State Budget will be released. NYLA will keep folks informed of any developments in this ongoing budget saga."

As NYLA's Michael Borges put it, "Advocacy is not a sprint, but a marathon, and we must keep pace with events as they unfold and prepared to take action on a moment's notice."

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