Tuesday, June 08, 2010

10 Truly Unique Bookstores in America

Traveling this summer?

Bookstores outside the mainstream give cities across America (and the world!) a dose of local spice and build supportive communities of like-minded individuals. Some focus on certain genres, some would rather promote a specific ideology, and others want to encourage academic research (or other form of appreciation) appreciation of an oft-ignored niche. Regardless of their bent, these unique, often quirky, and extremely intriguing bookstores help open up the country to a far broader spectrum of literature found far beyond the realm of the commercial chain. While many of them do carry popular literature from major publishers, their true calling lay with offering a haven for hobbyists, professionals, and fans from oft-ignored or overlooked markets. And the United States is certainly better off because of it.


Reader Wil said...

Bookstores are my favourite shops. But I love Ć«asy"books which are not too philosophical, for I had to read many volumes about scientific subjects for all my exams. I promised myself to read fiction and novels.

Thanks for your visit,but who is Rihanna?

Reader Wil said...

Ah, thank you Roger! I read about her life in Wikipedia, but I didn't know the Umbrella song!! Old age...huh??