Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Other 98%

Are you part of the 2% with a Lobbyist in DC? Or the Other 98%?

Join the local launch of a campaign to rescue our government from corporations and lobbyists: "The Other 98%" Summer Launch: Tues. June 29th 6:30pm , Albany Public Library auditorium, 161 Washington Ave. –
please sign up to attend: http://pol.moveon.org/event/other98summerlaunch/104353 also http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104948232889458

What do MoveOn, Democracy for America, True Majority, Color of Change, The Nation magazine, US Action, People for the American Way, Public Citizen, & SEIU have in common? They are partners in the “Other 98%”: a grassroots network of concerned citizens fed up with the status quo in Washington - seeking practical solutions to the many challenges facing America- standing against those bankers, CEOs and lobbyists who have hijacked our democracy to serve themselves at the expense of everyone else.

We are kicking off this Other 98% campaign all across America,
Every day, corporate lobbyists work the halls of Congress to oppose the progressive change we need. Big Insurance managed to defeat the public health insurance option, Wall Street watered down reforms that would rein in firms like Goldman Sachs, and Big Oil blocked progress on clean energy legislation. Even with Democrats in power, big corporations and lobbyists are calling the shots. We need to build a movement strong enough to hold politicians accountable, and we need to prevent corporate cash from buying elections. This new campaign is called The Other 98%--standing up for the 98% of us who can't buy influence in Washington .

At the end of June, MoveOn Councils across the country will hold "The Other 98%" Summer Launches. We'll discuss the results of our reform agenda that we're creating by an online, member process, and then we'll kick off an effort to talk with our neighbors, local leaders, and community organizations to build broad and visible public support for a progressive reform agenda. And we'll start gearing up for advocacy actions during the August congressional recess to demand that members of Congress get corporate influence out of our democracy.
For more info, call (518)583-4326

Sign the Pledge to Counter Corporate Corruption: http://standfordemocracy.org
• Overturn Citizens United: Amend the Constitution to protect America from unlimited corporate spending on our elections by overturning the Supreme Court's decision giving corporations the same First Amendment rights as people.
• Fair elections now: Pass the Fair Elections Now Act, providing public financing to candidates who are supported by small donors so they can compete with corporate-backed and self-funded candidates.
• Lobbyist Reform Act: Pass legislation to end the overwhelming influence of corporate lobbyists by: prohibiting individuals from switching from corporate lobbying to government service, or vice-versa, within a 5-year period; stopping corporate lobbyists from giving gifts and providing free travel to government officials; and posting online the attendees and content of all meetings between lobbyists and government officials
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Please join our local MoveOn organizing team (council): go to http://www.moveon. org/team - MoveOn Councils are local teams of committed members who organize in their community and build leadership among MoveOn members. MoveOn Councils work together on national campaigns to push for the progressive change that our country needs. We are a strong, independent voice to keep Congress and the President honest when lobbyists and corporations stand in the way of progress. We: - Shape the political playing field on the big issues by organizing in our communities, doing direct advocacy with elected officials, and getting our message out into the local and national media - Put direct pressure on Congress to win key victories, like our recent victory for health care reform. We lobby our elected officials in their hometowns, pressing them to vote for a progressive legislative agenda - Organize broader, deeper, and smarter than ever to build long-term power and achieve real progressive change. We build the leadership and train the grassroots base of the progressive movement. Please join thousands of other committed MoveOn council members in leading our Council network in the major fights ahead in 2010. For more info, call (518)583-4326

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