Thursday, October 05, 2006

Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources

OCLC, "a worldwide library co-operative", has put out a book entitled "Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources", which "summarizes findings of an international study on information-seeking habits and preferences."

The Perceptions report provides the findings and responses from the online survey in an effort to learn more about:

Library use
Awareness and use of library electronic resources
The Internet search engine, the library and the librarian
Free vs. for-fee information
The "Library" brand

For instance, half of American library users don't know if/that their library has a webpage.

Go here, if the links below don't work, or if you want to access the whole report:

Download individual sections of the report:
Introduction (PDF; 706kb)
Part 1: Libraries and Information Sources--Use, Familiarity and Favorability (PDF; 1.5mb)
Part 2: Using the Library--In Person and Online (PDF; 1.2mb)
Part 3: The Library Brand (PDF; 891kb)
Part 4: Respondents' Advice to Libraries (PDF; 284kb)
Part 5: Libraries--A "Universal" Brand? (PDF; 248kb)
Conclusion (PDF; 126kb)
Appendix A: Supporting Data Tables (PDF; 1.1mb)
Appendix B: Sample Verbatim Comments (PDF; 473kb)
About OCLC (PDF; 98kb)

Tell OCLC what you think about the report and the issues it examines.

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