Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just an old-fashioned technology

Recent conversation on a library listserv:

*Someone wrote: "Back when I started work there was something called the "Yellow Pages." It was one of my favorite tools."

*Re: finding newspapers in a database (from me) - When I was a page at the Binghamton (NY) Public Library, we had this new-fangled invention called microfilm, where newspapers (such as the NYT, actually) and magazines were stored. In fact, one of my main tasks was to assist the public in the proper use of this high-tech device.

*In the early 1980s, another person had to send a letter, "but all the "Wang" word processors were down, so finally someone just pointed to a typewriter on a nearby desk and said--why not just use that? (Of course, that's no longer an option in an office anymore!)"

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