Monday, September 29, 2008

Library Serves When We Need It Most

Library Serves When We Need It Most
Arlen Bensen
September 28, 2008
Orlando Sentinel

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We all agree that this is a challenging moment in American History. Our financial markets and economy are in turmoil, unemployment has skyrocketed, record numbers of people are losing their homes to foreclosure, and governments at all levels have had to cut services to balance their budgets. If we cherish our freedom and our democratic nation, this is a time we cannot afford to take our public libraries for

Municipal-funding crises are endangering these bulwarks against the rising tide of the "digital divide" in America.

As concerned citizens, we need to make sure our leaders are aware of these facts:

*Not only are libraries essential as safe and productive places for young people to spend after-school hours doing homework and learning.

*Not only are libraries essential to low-income families and people on fixed incomes to help protect them from the ravages of inflation through free access to computers, videos, audio books, newspapers and other information sources.

Our elected leaders need to know we see these resources as a crucial part of resolving our current challenges. We all need to collaborate on how we can ensure the continued health and availability of this building block of democracy.

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