Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State Now Available

State Librarian and Assistant Commissioner for Libraries Bernard A. Margolis announced that the 2010 edition of the Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State is now posted on the New York State Library’s website. This critical tool is a continuation of a decades long effort to provide library trustees with a readable and concise reference to assist them in the performance of their duties. The new 2010 edition strengthens those areas of the Handbook that have generated the most interest since the 2005 edition.

The Handbook was written by Jerry Nichols, Director of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University and member of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, with the assistance of the Public Library System Directors Organization of New York State (PULISDO), the Library Trustees Association of New York State and the New York State Library. The purpose of the Handbook is to assist both new and experienced public library trustees in New York State to better understand their job and to present the basic information they need to provide quality library service to their community. It offers advice on the philosophy of governing a library and on the practical, nuts-and-bolts aspects of responsible trusteeship. The information provided is based on the laws and regulations governing public libraries in New York State and on the proven “best practices” in the field.

Margolis said “Library trustees play a special, keenly important role in shepherding the dedicated and prudent use of library resources. Always striving to provide the best service which benefits and supports the entire community, trustees must make policy, personnel and fiscal decisions crucial to a positive direction for the library. This new edition of the Handbook for Library Trustees in New York State provides advice, guidance and practical information to help trustees succeed in their important stewardship and governance roles. As New York’s State Librarian, I am pleased to congratulate and to thank Jerry Nichols, the public library systems and the Library Trustees Association of New York State for this new edition. I encourage every trustee to refer frequently to this useful tool as you undertake the exciting challenges and responsibilities of delivering high-quality public services to your communities.”

Mary Ellen O’Connor, President of the Library Trustees Association of New York State said, “In the complicated and always challenging world of library finances and policy, we as library trustees, must be vigilant in our fiduciary role; mindful of our responsibility to develop libraries of excellence through our attention to library policies; and embrace an active commitment to on-going trustee education and training. This handbook provides New York’s some 6,000 library trustees with a solid foundation in the basic duties of library trusteeship.”

Print copies of the Handbook may be ordered from the Suffolk Cooperative Library System in Bellport, New York. The cost is $3.75 per copy plus shipping. Please email orders to the attention of Roger Reyes, Business Manager at or mail orders to Suffolk Cooperative Library System, 627 N. Sunrise Service Road, PO Box 9000, Bellport, New York 11713. Phone (631) 286-1600. New York State libraries are advised to check with their public library system to see if the system may already have copies available for member library boards.

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