Saturday, May 15, 2010

Underground Railroad History Conference 2011

Call for Proposals:
Abolishing Slavery in the Atlantic World:the 'Underground Railroad' in the
Americas, Africa, and Europe

April 8-10, 2011 at Russell Sage College, Troy, New York

Where there was slavery, there was resistance, escape, and rebellion. The Transatlantic Slave Trade (1400s - 1800s) was a global enterprise that transformed the four continents bordering the Atlantic, and that engendered the formation of a multifaceted and international Underground Railroad resistance movement.
The broad geographic nature of this freedom struggle is the theme of the 2011 UGR Public History Conference. We invite proposals that address capture, enslavement, and resistance within and across borders in Africa, Europe, and the Americas, historically and contemporarily, as well as proposals that address the preservation of the voices of the past and their relationship with us today.

Proposal submissions due by June 30, 2010

See the flier here.

Email to or postal mail to URHPCR, P.O. Box 10851,
Albany, NY 12201

Details at or call 518-432-4432.

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