Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Destruction of a Public Library is a Blow Felt by All

On behalf of Thomas W. Galante, CEO, Queens Library:

"Let's show the world that America's libraries have a heart and can unite to help the Egyptian people rebuild their public libraries. Two public libraries in Cairo, Egypt were senselessly destroyed this February by vandals who stole and burned the contents and left the two libraries in ruins. Queens Library has a formal partnership with the Integrated Care Society which operates the network of public libraries in Cairo. We are issuing a rallying cry to libraries and library lovers
globally to help our Egyptian friends rebuild and reopen as soon as possible. Together, the millions of people who support libraries worldwide can help reopen the doors to the information and opportunities that libraries provide to the people of Cairo.

Please do all you can do to promote this effort [for donations].

The destruction of a public library is a blow felt by all - promoting this link on library home pages worldwide can make a difference by providing an opportunity for the people in our cities, towns, and villages to help. Please forward this to your colleagues and library lovers everywhere.

Thank you. Tom

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