Friday, March 25, 2011

Regents Advisory Council on Libraries Seeks Input for New Statewide Plan

Jeffrey W. Cannell, Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Education, New York State Education Department announced Thursday that the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries (RAC) is inviting broad input from the library and education communities to inform development of a new statewide plan for library services. The New York State Board of Regents has challenged RAC to develop and recommend to the Board a 2020 vision for library services and an innovative plan for ensuring the greatest access to information for all New Yorkers.

RAC would like individuals and groups within the library and education communities to provide input on and also identify key issues. Ten key issue questions are posted on the RAC website. All comments, suggestions, insights, ideas and recommendations are welcome.

Please send responses and suggestions by Wednesday April 20, 2011 to: Please clearly identify the group or individual responding and indicate a primary contact person in case someone needs to follow-up for clarification or additional information.

"I am asking that all those interested in improving library services for New Yorkers take the time to discuss and reply to the ten questions posed by RAC as part of this statewide planning process," said Cannell. "The New York State Board of Regents has asked RAC to take a visionary look at the future of library services and to develop a set of innovative policy recommendations to improve library services to the people of New York State."

Some of the topics that RAC will address as part of the new statewide plan include:
Equitable library service for all New Yorkers;
Projections of service needs in 2020 and beyond;
Organization and relationship of libraries and library systems;
Financial support for libraries and library systems;
Role of the New York State Library and State Education Department in leading and supporting new directions for library services; and
Visibility and public awareness of libraries and library systems, as a source of lifelong learning and enrichment.

In 2000, the Regents adopted Meeting the Needs of All New Yorkers: Library Service in the New Century, the current plan for statewide library services. It has been over 10 years since that plan was enacted and adopted as statewide policy for libraries by the Board of Regents. A draft status report on implementation of the 2000 statewide plan is posted HERE.

The Regents Advisory Council on Libraries works with the officers of the State Education Department in developing a comprehensive statewide library and information policy, and makes recommendations to the Regents concerning the implementation of the program. The Council is broadly representative of libraries and statewide constituencies served by the New York State Library. For more information about the Regents Advisory Council, visit the State Library’s website.

Any questions about the RAC 2020 Vision Process and this call for input may be sent to John Hammond, Chair, RAC 2020 Vision Planning Taskforce at or to Bridget Quinn-Carey, Chair, Regents Advisory Council on Libraries at

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