Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Library Aid Solution

Stephen Gaines, IT/ Web Systems
North Country Library System

Working for a Library System obviously causes me great concern about library funding. But when reviewing the Governor’s budget it is quite apparent that cuts are being proposed in almost all areas. Fiscal sense would dictate that you cannot run in a deficit mode, and while there are obvious major issues in the Medicaid (52.8 billion), Education(19.4 billion), Pension System, etc., the theme being pushed on the public to sell and balance this budget is of “Shared Sacrifice”.

Given the huge transfer of wealth that has occurred over the last several decades, the recent actions of government to step in and bail out elite entities in business, the definition of “Shared Sacrifice” translates to sacrifices made by the middle and lower economic classes in our state and our society. The higher economic class has not and will not share in this sacrifice thanks to government intervention. Just follow the money trail.

A simple repeal of the “Stock Transfer Tax Rebate” would allow for the re-instatement of funding cuts for all the needy agencies along with Library Aid. Do you remember your loss of the “Star Rebate Checks”? We were asked to “Share” in the sacrifice of balancing the budget. However, Wall Street, wasn’t asked to share along with us. The time has come for them to share along with us.

The “Stock Transfer Tax” was established in 1905 and consists of a few cents tax on each stock trade. In 1981 a law was passed to rebate 100% of it back to the banks, etc., which paid the tax. Last year this rebate amounted to 14.5 billion dollars.

Ask your legislator’s to repeal the “Stock Transfer Tax Rebate” and re-instate Library Aid along with other needy agencies aid.

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