Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Summer Reading at New York Libraries Reaches 1.65 Million Children & Teens

December 12, 2011 - New York State Deputy Commissioner of Cultural Education and Acting State Librarian Jeffrey W. Cannell announced today that 1.65 million children and teens throughout New York State participated in “Summer Reading at New York Libraries” at their local libraries. This represents a statewide increase of almost 10% over 2010. Kids are reading for fun during the summer months and that summer reading is associated with academic success.
“During the summer…children and families made reading for fun a top New York State activity. Taking full advantage of what public libraries in New York State offer has resulted in record participation in ‘Summer Reading at New York Libraries,’” stated Cannell. “This involvement with reading during the summer months leads to better academic performance when children return to school in the fall.”
Research has shown that children who continue to read during the summer vacation perform better in the fall when school resumes, and that reading for simple summer enjoyment helps children with literacy skills, while helping prevent learning losses.
“Statistics point to the disappointing loss of learning that takes place when young people are not in school during the summer,” said Commissioner of the New York State Education Department John B. King, Jr. “The effects of summer learning loss are especially dramatic for students from high-needs communities. By providing summer reading programs, the State Library and public libraries throughout the State can provide young people and their parents with the tools necessary to ensure year-long learning success and cultivate a love of reading.”
For more information on the positive value of public library summer reading programs see “The Importance of Summer Reading: Public Library Summer Reading Programs and Learning” (
Thanks go out to all the public library systems and the public libraries that made “Summer Reading at New York Libraries” such a success in 2011. New York's public library system youth and teen services consultants offered training and technical support, and library staff and volunteers in New York's public and association libraries provided the programming and resources that made kids want to join the fun.
This year six public library systems reported 15% or higher increases
in participation levels over 2010. Congratulations to these *Stars* and
to all the systems for a wonderful 2011 “Summer Reading at New York Libraries.”
*  Buffalo and Erie County Public Library *
*  New York Public Library*
*  Nioga Library System *
*  Queens Library *
*  Southern Adirondack Library System *
*  Westchester Library System *
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