Friday, December 09, 2011

Making TV Accessible

Recognizing the importance of television as a channel for the dissemination of public information, education and entertainment, ITU, in collaboration with partner G3ict, has released Making TV Accessible, a new digital inclusion report designed to help the millions of persons worldwide living with a disability that prevents them from fully enjoying the audiovisual content coming into their homes.
The report identifies the kinds of access services required by a range of persons with disabilities, along with different accessibility options. These include closed captioning and signing for the deaf, audio description and audio captions for the visually impaired, and accessible remote control devices for the elderly and those with reduced dexterity.
It also explains how access services are produced and delivered so that regulators and service providers can better understand the issues and costs, emphasizes the need to make target users aware of access services, and provides a checklist for accessible TV implementation.

Link to full report here.

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