Monday, July 30, 2012

Citizens’ Police Review Board vacancy

City of Albany Common Council


Citizens’ Police Review Board

The Albany Common Council is seeking nominations of qualified residents of the City of Albany for the following position:

Title of Position:
Member, Citizens’ Police Review Board (CPRB)

Term of Appointment:
To fill a vacancy expiring 10/26/13

Appointees are eligible for reappointment at the end of their term to an additional term of three years.

Position Responsibilities/Duties:

The CPRB is an independent body established by the City of Albany in 2000 to improve communications between the Police Department and the Community, to increase police accountability and credibility with the public, and to create a complaint review process that is free from bias and informed of actual police practice. In addition to review and determination on completed investigations of complaints made by citizens against officers of the City of Albany Police Department for alleged misconduct, the nine member Board may make recommendations to the Common Council and the Mayor regarding police policies and practices relevant to the goals of community policing and the exercise of discretionary authority by police officers. Board members are appointed by the Mayor (4) and the Common Council (5). The Board is required to, among other things, undergo significant training, and engage in public outreach and education.

Members of the CPRB shall reside in the City of Albany and possess a reputation for fairness, integrity and responsibility and have demonstrated an active interest in public affairs and service. The Common Council and the Mayor shall endeavor to reflect community diversity in their appointments, including income level, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and experience and shall, in their appointments, solicit recommendations from the community. Officers, current employees of the City of Albany and the immediate relatives of officers and employees shall not be eligible for appointment.

Members shall be appointed for three-year terms. No members of the CPRB shall serve for a period which exceeds two consecutive terms. Completion of an orientation program concerning the goals, powers and procedures of the CPRB is required before a member may participate as a voting member. In addition, graduation from the Albany Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy within six months of the start of the member’s term is required. Members are also required to undergo continuing education on issues related to the interaction between civilians and police officers from the perspectives of both the citizen and the police officer.

The CPRB meets once per month and Board members are required to take responsibility in preparing cases for presentation. Board members also participate in community outreach efforts.

Additional information on the CPRB is available on their web site maintained by the Albany Law School’s Government Law Center.
Statutory Authority:

The CPRB is established in accordance with Article XLIV of Part 33 of Chapter 42 of the Code of the City of Albany (sections 42-332 through 42-352). A copy is available on the CPRB web site (see above) or by contacting the Common Council’s office (see below).

Application Requirement:

Applicants are requested to submit a letter of intent describing qualifications and include a current resume to:

Cashawna Parker
Senior Legislative Aide
Albany Common Council – Room 206
City Hall
Albany, NY 12207

Tel: 434-5087
Fax: 434-5081

Applicants will be interviewed by a selected committee of the Common Council prior to appointment.

Deadline for Applications: August 13, 2012

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