Monday, July 09, 2012

Start a book discussion group for children at your library

“Summer Reading at New York Libraries” has been expanding their partnership with the New York Council for the Humanities to include exciting new training opportunities for librarians. The first opportunity, which was held in June and announced on the blog Summer Reading News, trained 70 librarians throughout the state on how to start and maintain a quality Summer Reading book discussion group.

Presented and created by Erika Halstead from the New York Council for the Humanities, the webinar focused on training librarians to develop a “Big Idea” for discussion and start activities that trigger further discussions in the book group. Librarians walked away from the webinar with definite insight and enthusiasm for starting a book discussion group or adding to an existing program.

Here are visuals and text from the presentation. You can click through with the arrows or use the "More" tab to view it in full screen.

The link is also available on the New York State Library Development website, along with other helpful training information.

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